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I know that that is a strange title, but I couldn't really think of anything else to title it at the moment, and I'm listening to that song right now on the ol' iPod.It's an Indiana winter, with snow down everywhere, the sun shining somehow and it's still cold as hell. Honestly, I don't expect anything different.


Had to break for some tea there (Vanilla chai, if anyone's interested).

So... Life's nutty, and sometimes, that's just enough to keep a man sane. Today's a Sunday unlike a lot I've had this past 2009. Most of the year, I actually had to work on Sunday nights till midnight. Not the most fun schedule, but it was work, so I wasn't complaining. This next semester I finally have weekday only shifts, and they're afternoon evening. And it's in my old lab, so it'll just be nice to be back there. Kinda like goin home, eh?

Life craziness sometimes leaks ideas into a head, and I think it's happening to me right now. Obviously, it's got me starting to update on here again, but I'm starting to get ideas again for "Phoenix" and I'm just getting an idea for just a writing in general. It's not a full story, but it's a seed that definitely got potential for something interesting. No details until the idea either dies off or hits high gear, but just thought I'd mention it here anyways.

Probably gonna go catch Up In The Air tonight, maybe Sherlock Holmes later tonight/possibly tomorrow. THEN I'm probably catching Youth In Revolt later this week, all on a gift card. Sometimes, the life of a movie geek is great, and this is one of those times. I'll probably do a "Movies In Review 2009" special later this week to fill out my last full week without classes and to talk about film because, hey, I happen to love it. It's 2010 (Pronounced twenty-ten, folks), and it's a year that should be a lot more fun that 2009, at least in theory. And I'm hoping that I'll take this year to become a better writer through use of this blog. That's the goal anyways. Be back later this week with the Movies In Review '09 special.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not affliated with either Paramount Studios or Warner Brothers Studios. NOR am I affiliated with The Weinstein Company or Dimension Films. I'm just a humble film geek that's a poor college student, so that means I don't get paid by them either. In fact, I have no idea how I'm going to even pay for some of my movies this year...

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