A Crazy Little Dream...

Monday, October 30, 2006 8 comments

To those who are getting redirected here from my old Xanga site, I'm sorry I've changed again. I just felt that this was a good time for another fresh start, and this is a little more personal in my opinion.

Now what the title of not only my post but my Blog referers to is something that had entered the deep recesses of my mind last night as I slept. When I woke up, I had tears welling up in my eyes. Now you'll see why in a minute (really, a couple minutes), if you stick with this post. Now to the companies involved in the anime that is extremely fluent in this dream, I hope that I don't offend you too much.

Just to let you guys in on a couple things, go to this Wikipedia article to get the info on the series. The few things I'll need to let you know about now though:

Eureka: The lead female in the series. Not much else I could tell you that you wouldn't understand without seeing the series.
Holland: The leader of the rebel group The Gekko State in the series. Once a part of the army, but left to halt the progress of his brother.
The Nirvash: A giant... well... I guess you could call it a robot. A special connection between the two pilots needed to bring it to it's full potential (in the series, it is Renton and Eureka). Slightly changed in the dream.

So to let you all know, it's going to start out more of a description of what's going on, but then move almost into a narrative story. So really, expect this to be relevively long I guess...


The Nirvash landed roughly on the back yard area of the Oneighty Building. The skate park wasn't there for some reason, but that isn't really important to the story. That's for you all who know where that is to get refrence for this.

The cockpits hissed open in both Eureka and I's areas so that we could exit. She hopped out first and just stayed on the disk, right by the head. I sat in the navigation seat I was in and was contemplating the battle that had just ensued in the air above but also something else completely.... Something had changed in the Nirvash. In the days before, Eureka had been loosing it's voice that spoke to her. This had happened before and was utterly desasterous on her, not only mentally but physically. The day before the currrent events, I started seeing changes of my own. The Nirvash started responding more and more sluggishly to my programming that I plugged into it every time I input a program.

Eureka and I were all ready at Wit's End with what was happening with the Nirvash, but were under more pressure from Holland. He seemed to think that we were having too many troubles with the Nirvash. There was never any way of keeping him from thinking that I was part of the problems. It was just something that I got used to, due to the fact that he seemed to forget about that as soon as something went right.

Neither of us talked for a while as we sat in and on the Nirvash. I kept poking in calculations, trying to figure out what was going wrong, but finally decided it would be to no avail. Finally, I broke the silence.

"Eureka?" I asked.


"Is the Nirvash saying anything yet?"

She pause for a few seconds, running her fingers lightly along the white reflection plates on Nirvash then replied, "No. He's still silent...."

I sighed and hopped out of the cockpit I was in and landed on the ground. After another long silence I said, "Something still doesn't feel right about this..."

"I've been noticing that too..." she replied, hopping on the edge of the disk to the ground. "not just in the Nirvash though, but also in you...."

The rest of the converstation is a blur at the next thing I remember is Holland being there, right beside the Nirvash. I think that a conversation took place within the time that I missed, but apparantly Holland was taking the Nirvash. I didn't know how he could do that, considering that Eureka and I were the only ones that the Nirvash would allow to pilot it.

Then it happened. The color scheme on the ship began to change has he entered Eureka's side of the cockpit. It changed to the Orange and white colors that were on the 909, the LFO that he himself piloted. We stood there, amazed, not able to do anything but stare as the Nirvash changed from what we had both known into something that almost seemed foriegn to us.

At that point, Eureka broke into tears and broke away towards the doors that lead into the Oneighty Building... and I ran with her. We were both running hand in hand until somehow, an explosion erupted behind us and threw us both forward. The impact didn't knock us out, but I almost wish it had when I finally looked back.

Where the Nirvash once stood, a pillar of fire stood. There was no way to see if anything was within the blaze, but I feared the worst. Eureka did as well. She was right beside me and when she saw the flames she turned right back around to me and dug her head into my chest, long sobs arising from her. I was holding her, but I wasn't very strong within the situation either. In fact I wanted to do the exact same as her. That robot, that Nirvash, had been a physical manesfestation of the closeness we two shared. I could completely understood. I held it and and tried to be strong for as long as I could, but it didn't last long. I slumped over , still facing the flames and tears started to stream down my face. Then I closed my eyes and just let it all go. I sat there, my head over her shoulder, hugging her, not just for her sake, but mine as well. All the while, tears streaming from my closed eyes. And we just sat there, crying with each other.

Then it all blacked out.

When the darkness subsided, I was in a thin, room with really a lot of people. At least 7 rows of people with four people per row. We're all sitting there, in what some would call their Sunday Best. In the front of the room, a man in a military uniform (E7 style) was standing there, and it seemed to be that we were all there for him. The only thing I can put together cohesively about this is that when I walked up to him to shake his hand, I said "Don't be late..." That's all that I can tell of that. Then it all faded to black once more.


That would be the dream as best as I can put it into text. I can explain a lot better vocally, and I can fill in some of those gaps vocally too, but for some reason, were unable to be transfered into text for me.

I know it's strange and long, but I want to know what you guys think about it. If you feel like you need a little more of the orignal source material to go on, please read the information that is in the WIKI link I posted at the top. I just am confused about it all. I just wanna see if anyone else knows why this would be so signifigant to me. Maybe to see the one thing I missed.

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